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Bring Your Trucks to Yorkton for Reflex® Spray-On Liners

When you want your truck bed protected from everyday use, rust and dents, you want Reflex® Spray-On Truck Liners installed by Sideline Service & Trailers Sales. Not only do you get a thick, tough liner that won’t peel, crack or warp, but you also have a rubbery, non-slip surface that holds and cushions any cargo you haul.

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Sideline Service & Trailer Sales takes pride in spray guarding what others won’t. Bring us your private or commercial truck for the customized spray-on liners only a private, owner-operated company can provide, including for rocker panels.

Choose Standard Black or Brilliant Colour

Sturdy and practical doesn’t have to be dull when you choose Reflex® Spray-On Truck Liners. Basic black or subdued grey are fine choices, but why not make your truck bed distinctive with a patented, exclusive and UV-stable colour system?

Check the Reflex® website or visit our spray guarding shop in Yorkton to see our affordable colour selection, including:

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Tan

  • Maroon

  • Blue

  • Dark blue

  • Light blue

  • Green

  • Dark green

  • Yellow

  • Mid brown

  • Dark brown

  • Grey

Trailer Stone Guards

The roads of Saskatchewan and Manitoba can be rough on a trailer you depend on for your business. Make a good impression and prevent damaging dents with an attractive trailer stone guard installed at Sideline Service & Trailers Sales. Contact us to discuss the type and size of trailer stone guard that suits your needs.

740 Broadway Street West, Yorkton, SK, S3N 3R2 • 306-786-2009

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